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All Orders by NumberCruncher

All Orders

All Orders by NumberCruncher is the leading inventory add on for QuickBooks. It was developed to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks so growing businesses needing advanced inventory and order management can use All Orders for operations and QuickBooks for accounting.      Our QuickBooks Inventory Software provides a comprehensive system that helps you make better decisions. In purchasing, shipping and receiving, order entry, production, and inventory control, whether at the office, in the warehouse or on the web, NumberCruncher solutions gives your team the tools to do their tasks faster, easier and more efficiently. Our solutions are used by small to medium sized businesses that distribute, manufacture, assemble or just manage inventory particularly businesses with multiple warehouse locations, bins, lot numbers with expiration dates and/or serial number.

All Orders shares data with QuickBooks so you would not have to enter data twice.  There is a two way synchronization for all the major list items like items, customers and vendors so additions, updates and deletions can take place in either All Orders and QuickBooks.   Transactions however originate in All Orders and are recorded in QuickBooks but not the other way around.     All Orders creates bills, items receipts, debit memo, invoices, sales receipts, credits memos and inventory adjustment in QuickBooks to reflect activities in All Orders.

All Orders is powerful, customizable and extensible!   It uses Microsoft SQL Server as its back-end database so it can handle a lot of data, lists and trasnactions and deliver date to you fast.      All Orders is customizable so that it can fit your particular business circumstances.    You can also your the All Orders API (application program interface) to extend conntect your inventory and order management data with other business software like shopping carts.  

All Orders has twp awesome add ons that extend your inventory and order management to the warehouse and the web.     

All Orders Mobile

All Orders Mobile

All Orders mobile delivers increased efficiency and accuracy.   You download sales orders onto your Windows Mobile device and start picking using an electronic picking ticket.   Print barcode labels from All Orders and scan them into All Orders Mobile for efficiency and accuracy.   After the picking is completed the packing list will be waiting for you within All Orders for shipping.     Similarly, you can download purchase orders to receive stock into inventory and put them away in the right bins.    All Orders Mobile can be used for inventory counts as well.

All Orders Mobile

All Orders Web

Give your sales reps and customers a secure portal into the All Orders data anytime, anywhere via the Internet.  You will significantly improve customer service by allowing your customers to view stock availability, generate new orders and check on orders status.    Avoid your sales reps repeatedly having to call admin for item and orders status!    Data presented through All Orders Web is instaneously updated based on activies in All Orders!

About NumberCruncher

NumberCruncher, a QuickBooks Gold partner, is the leading provider of inventory and order management software for the QuickBooks community. Founded in 1999, NumberCruncher was the first developer to invest in the QuickBooks SDK (software development kit) from Intuit. Our mission is to provide innovative, scalable, and cost effective inventory management solutions that solve real world business issues, resulting in total customer satisfaction, increased profitability and competitive advantage.